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cnc : New Holland 2305 forage harvester v 0.3 [sp]

New-holland-2305-feldhacksler New Holland 2305 forage harvester Mod
Here you get a forage harvester of the brand New Holland. Included are 3 harvest headers: M6R cornbill DC500 directcut cutting unit P31 Pickup (with this it is finally possible to pick up and chop...
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cnc : Euro pallet set and BigBags v 0.3 [sp]

Europalettenset-und-bigbags Euro pallet set and BigBags Mod
  Euro pallet set with different functions.   Universal seed pallet Seed varieties: wheat, barley, rye, corn, field grass diesel tank IBC container as a liquid fertilizer tank high pressure cleaner...
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cnc : Ball fork with claws v 0.1 [sp]

Ballengabel-mit-klauen Ball fork with claws Mod
Hello, I have always bothered that the bales when clicking on the icon with the magnet, not optically detained, but as held by a ghost. Have therefore brought a ball fork with gripping claws into...
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cnc : Raven Sturbock v 0.1 [sp]

Rabe-sturbock Raven Sturbock Mod
Here is a Rabe Sturbock with double bar roller and 3,20m working width. Original model comes from Modelleicher. Have adapted the model according to my ideas.
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cnc : Rabe front packer v 0.2 [sp]

Rabe-frontpacker--2 Rabe front packer Mod
This is a Rabe front packer with a working width of 3 meters. Ideal addition to my Rabe-Unia seed pack.   Currently, this only serves an optical purpose until the ground values of MBB are implemented...
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cnc : Rabe Toucan SL 3000 & Unia Polonez 3550D v Update 3 [sp]

Rabe-toucan-sl-3000-unia-polonez-3550d Rabe Toucan SL 3000 & Unia Polonez 3550D Mod
It concerns a Rabe Toucan rotary harrow and a Unia seeder with 3m working width. The rotary harrow has a hitch for attaching another attachment.   Creator of the models: Rabe Toucan = D4rkfr34k...
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cnc : Deutz 13006 v [sp]

Deutz-13006 Deutz 13006 Mod
Here is a Deutz 13006 with many variations features: 3 color variants 4 tire variants variable front ---> pull coupler or weight or front hydraulics Not surprised that the good something smokes...
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cnc : Hammer Balefork 5000² v [sp]

Hammer-ballenspiess-5000 Hammer Balefork 5000² Mod
Hammer bale spit 5000²   I once took the original balefork from  MBB and created two more versions. One for the frontloader and one for the rear hydraulics. The Fixierfuntion was adapted, max. 8...
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cnc : Hammer transport trailer v [sp]

Hammer-transportauflieger Hammer transport trailer Mod
Hello everybody, suitable for my balefork here now a tandem and tridem semi-trailer of the brand Hammer for the transport of bales or other things. The basic model is from MBB and for axes and supports...
  1. deutz62 06 08. January

    Mod: Deutz 13006
    Ich danke dir für den Respekt den du meiner Arbeit zukommen lässt, mit so einem qualitativ hochwertigem Kommentar.

    Du scheinst ja richtig Ahnung zu haben, ich denke mit "konvertieren Kram" hat das wenig zu tun, wenn man lediglich das 3D Modell verwendet und alles andere von Grund auf neu machen muss.

  2. deutz62 06 21. 12 2018

    Mod: Rabe Toucan SL 3000 & Unia Polonez 3550D
    Danke für den Hinweis!!!

    Ja kann ich, Shopimage und Brand image haben es irgendwie nicht in die .zip Datei geschafft. Merkwürdig.

    Hab eine neue .zip Datei hochgeladen, mit der Versionsnummer
    Dauert noch etwas bis Modhoster die Datei freigibt.

    Oder hier im Post 34 zu finden: <a href="">Rabe Toucan 3000 SL und [Amazone D9 3000 Super] Unia Polonez 3550D</a>

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