Kröger trailers

V 1.5 mod for Cattle and Crops

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two dollys for two trailers conurbation

trailer 9 mts and 11 mts cargo box base model TMR 34

capacity 50 m 3 and 65 m 3



Model: xyzspain
Texture:  xyzspain
Script: xyzspain and MBB
Idea / Concept:  xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain
Other: terrain block modifier from Hawe but for the moment the edition in editor not work in game or I do not have the knowledge to do it


  • 17 May 21:29
    Version 1.5




17.05 2018
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4.36 / 14 Votes


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V 1.5
Cattle and Crops
126 MB 1408
17. 05 2018 1,408

2 Comments for Kröger trailers

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  1. Nachtfalkeaw 11. 02 2019

    Dieser Mod vom 17. Mai, 21:29 Uhr ist nicht mit der aktuellen Cattle and Crops Version kompatibel, da nicht alle Fruchtsorten unterstützt werden und es dadurch zu Abstürzen kommen kann.

    This Mod from 17. Mai, 21:29 o'clock is actually not compatible with Cattle and Crops v0.4.0.6. It does not support all fruit types which could leads to game crashes.

  2. Halbdurch 13. 09 2018

    Good job on this as well! Thank you!

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