trailers, dollys and containers

V mod for Cattle and Crops

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very important delete folders silage trailers, krampe, hkl and containers, Annaburg, kroger trailers not compatible with new


Model: xyzspain
Texture: xyzspain
Script: xyzspain and MBB
Idea / Concept: xyzspain
Testing: xyzspain


  • 10 Mar 10:56



10.03 2019
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Cattle and Crops
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2 Comments for trailers, dollys and containers

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  1. FarmerGiles 12. September

    Hi xyzSpain. on one of these trailers the Annaburger fieldLiner when going to farm silo or even the bga silo not all of the trailer will empty out. This is on A1 mode. it empty most but then stops with some more left in trailer. only way of emptying it all is to drive back then forwards again. as A1 wont carry on if its not empty. I have not tried other trailers yet

  2. Hello XYZspain, I found out that the Slurry Tank can't buy. Also you see no model when press the button in the shop. With the new update slurry and co. is more important and we need it in higher amounts.

    I change the line "<model file="Slurry_tanker" />" in "<model file="slurry_tanker" />" in the "generic_slurry_tanker.xml" file. Then it works fine. Maybe you can update that in the next Version. As quick solution everybody can change this with an editor.

    It's a nice package and thanks a lot. Please go on with it. With best regards

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